Turn Him on with Your Clothes On: Hot Foreplay Moves That Will Unleash the Beast in Him for Hot Orgasmic Sex

By | August 17, 2020

If you notice, foreplay actually does begin with your clothes on. How about you turning him on, whilst having your clothes on all throughout? For couples who are looking to recreate the spark and rekindle the romance, a never-tried-before experiment in the bedroom can help massively. The next time you wish to have sex, make sure you’re having your clothes on when indulging in foreplay. What makes wearing clothes during foreplay so sexy is the fact that a surprise element is always there. Imagine touching him everywhere, and then when your hand is down there, you feel an erection, and when you rub your hands on his erect penis with his boxers on is only going to turn him on even more! So, it’s time to expand the horizon and indulge in these foreplay ideas with your clothes on to turn him on and unleash the beast in him!

Move #1: Start slow

With both of your clothes on, start slow. Start by gently moving your fingers against each other’s face, neck, moving on towards the waist and then the hips. You will sense the excitement building up slowly and steadily as you go forward.

Move #2: A hot and heavy makeout session

Nothing beats a hot and heavy makeout session. Keeping smooching for hours, like teenagers and no matter how tempted you are to rip off each other’s clothes, just don’t. Move your hands around her breasts and feel her giving herself to you while you both share a passionate liplock.

Move #3: Be a tease

Tease your partner. Touch your partner everywhere but his genitals and see him wanting for more! Get a little playful and move around when he comes and tries to kiss you. When you play hard to get is when the intercourse becomes even more passionate.

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Move #4: Feel the vibe of your own body

There’s nothing sexier than a woman being completely comfortable in her own skin. When you know he’s looking at you, play with your breasts, touch your waist and feel your body, understand your own vibe and see him screaming, moaning and panting for more!

Eventually, when you both know you’re way too wet to hold it back, take off each other’s clothes and have the steamiest and the most mind-blowing sex ever!

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