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India asks social media firms to remove reference to ‘Indian variant’ of coronavirus

The World Health Organisation said on May 11 that the coronavirus variant B.1.617, first identified in India last year, was being classified as a variant of global concern. The Indian government a day later issued a statement saying media reports using the term “Indian Variant” were without any basis, saying the WHO had classified the… Read More »

How to remove yeast from diet

There are also many other forms of yeast, these include Candida thrush and others that live naturally in the body. Following a week elimination diet, you may be able to gradually introduce yeast back into your diet. As everybody is different, you should monitor any symptoms after consuming any foods or drinks which contain yeast.… Read More »

Diet to remove 1500 calories a day

The key, we think, is packing in the protein — whether that comes from veggie ingredients like lentils or eggs, or a quality piece of lean meat or fish. According to the NHS the average woman and man need different amounts of calories per day to keep them fit and healthy. For women this is… Read More »