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Nicola Spirig: Swiss Professional Triathlete Olympic Champion mantra of Success “Keep your goals out of reach, but not out of sight.”

Nicola Spirig Hug is a Swiss professional triathlete. She is the 2012 Olympic and six times European champion in women’s triathlon. She is the only female triathlete to have won two Olympic medals: taking gold in a tight race at London 2012 and silver at Rio 2016, She is a member of the Swiss National… Read More »

How to keep cool in heatwave: Dr Nighat shares the most important tip to stop overheating

Soaring temperatures are a deadly threat, namely because people do not appreciate just how dangerous prolonged sun exposure can be. Sudden deaths often shoot up in places that experience abnormally high heat levels. It is therefore paramount to take precautionary measures, even in the UK. According to Doctor Nighat Arif, one of the most important… Read More »