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Where the Couples From Netflix’s Sexy Beasts Are Now

Filmed in and outside London somehow during a global pandemic, Sexy Beasts features a cast of animal-prosthetic-dressed singles speed dating, drinking through beaks, and crossing their human fingers that their chosen animal companion is secretly hot. Spoiler: everybody is secretly hot. The series plays like some ungodly cross between The Masked Singer and Dating Around.… Read More »

Suffering from seasonal allergies? Experts share their top products to keep hay fever at bay

Suffering with itchy eyes, a runny nose or constant sneezing? You’re not alone — pollen season is well underway, making the walks and outdoor gatherings that were formerly the highlights of lockdown living a nuisance. As the country continues to open up, it’s increasingly important to get allergies under control, though experts note it is… Read More »

Oman to suspend travel from Bangladesh, India, Pakistan

The travel suspension will come into effect on Apr 24, Omai state TV reported on Wednesday. Bangladesh is currently battling a second wave of the coronavirus with cases and deaths surging across the country, setting daily records. The government is enforcing a nationwide lockdown until Apr 28 and all international flights have been suspended until… Read More »