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A 9-year-old who’s been battling coronavirus for 6 months says the illness is a big deal

“Kids, I’m sorry to say this, but it is a big deal. It will hurt,” Eli told CNN’s Chris Cuomo on Monday. “You just got to face the truth: Sometimes you’re not OK.” Eli and his father, Jonathan Lipman, are among a growing population of people who have been deemed “long haulers” — people who… Read More »

NJ governor hopes to use a ‘scalpel’ to deal with coronavirus hot spots not another broad shutdown

New Jersey Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy said Thursday on CNBC he hopes to avoid broad economic lockdowns to deal with rising coronavirus cases in the state and the nation. “I think we’re less likely, and please God that this is the case, we’re less likely to use blunt instruments we used in March and April… Read More »

Did insiders trade illegally ahead of Kodak’s manufacturing deal? Sen. Warren wants to know

Amid the COVID-19 crisis, the U.S. government has committed billions of taxpayer dollars to companies working on tests, therapeutics and vaccines. One unlikely company to receive a hefty financial boost—Kodak—is slated to create an active pharmaceutical ingredient outfit by repurposing sites in New York and Minnesota.  But now Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren is asking the Securities and Exchange Commission to investigate stock trades made… Read More »