‘Idiot’: Melbourne doctor slams Evans

By | November 15, 2020

A Melbourne doctor has lashed out at celebrity chef and coronavirus conspiracy theorist Pete Evans over his latest spat of comments about COVID-19.

Dr Vyom Sharma, a GP and medical commentator, said Evans was a “f**king idiot” in an explosive tweet yesterday.

It came after the former My Kitchen Rules star suggested the virus didn’t exist.

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“Is that what we’ve come here to do. Do we have the belief in ourselves that we’re contagious, that we are spreaders of something?” Pete Evans was filmed saying during a video interview.

“I choose not to believe in that narrative because it doesn’t make any sense to me.”

The interviewer then asked Evans if he was concerned that his choice to ignore medical advice could spread the virus to more vulnerable people.

Evans was unperturbed by the question. After scoffing and snorting, he said “it doesn’t spread the virus.”

Evans has hogged the media spotlight throughout the pandemic with similarly outrageous comments, ranging from the virus being a brainwashing exercise by the government to claims a $ 15,000 lamp could cure people of COVID-19.

He became famous after being a judge on the Channel 7 reality cooking show. But some of his advice has caused health experts to be sceptical of him long before he voiced his coronavirus conspiracy theories.

But after Evans’ latest escapade, Dr Sharma thought enough was enough.

“‘I choose not to believe that narrative because it doesn’t make any sense to me’ – that is the literal Merriam Webster dictionary definition of ‘f***ing idiot’,” Dr Sharma posted with a link back to the original video.

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“Einstein’s theory of special relativity makes no sense to me.

“But I believe the narrative because I know there are people out there who are smarter than me, and know more things. And hence I rely on my GPS when driving.”

Many were with the Melbourne GP.

“Imagine being this guy‘s school teacher. ‘I chose not to believe the 2+2=4 narrative because it doesn’t make any sense to me’,” one person commented.

“Is he really denying that people have become seriously ill and died in huge numbers across the globe after contracting COVID-19? This is akin to me caring for a palliated patient, and refusing to acknowledge they are dying,” said a Melbourne woman.

It’s not the only controversy Pete Evans has courted this week.

Shoppers have called for Coles and Pan Macmillan, two companies that Evans currently works for, to boycott his products.

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