How Freddy Fittler keeps mentally and physically fit

By | December 5, 2020

During his play hard, party harder days in the 90s, you’d be more likely to find NRL legend Brad Fittler returning home as the sun was coming up, rather than rising at dawn to practice his downward dog.

But times change, of course, and these days a far more flexible Fittler can be found on a yoga mat most mornings, cranking out the “oms” and rigorously working his mental wellbeing just as much as he does his physical health.

“I’m big on routine so ensuring that I stuck with one during iso was key,” the Blues Origin coach and Channel 9 star tells Health Hacker.

“Ocean swims, yoga and breathing exercises is what keeps me mentally and physically fit and iso just gave me more time to do that.”

Forced to isolate at home for periods of time like most other people during 2020, Fittler is philosophical when it comes to looking back at the year that was, able to locate some positives during a difficult time for everyone.

“I think iso got everyone to slow down and there was less travel with work, which is a good thing,” he says.

“It gave me more time to spend with the family and to get some much-needed sleep and rest.

“It also showed the broader community how to be more productive with time as well, with less moving around, and I think that’s a positive development.”

When asked for some life advice to impart to others looking for some guidance from the reborn Zen Master, Fittler offers up some words of wisdom in regards to dealing with the haters: “Don’t take criticism from someone you wouldn’t take advice from.”

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Sage advice — especially for someone who might, say, be dealing with some heat after a recent defeat dished out by a fired-up Maroons squad.



“I believe the key to a healthy diet is balancing and everything in moderation,” Fittler says.

“No need to deprive yourself, but try not to overindulge either.”


“Exercise is still really important to me and will always play a big part in my life,” Fittler says.

“I try to mix it up a bit – running one day, an ocean swim the next, kicking a ball around with my kids another and yoga most days.”


“If I sleep well and meditate, I find it easy to be motivated for almost anything.”


“Happiness means spending quality time with my family”.


“The secret to success? Eight hours sleep, every night. That’s what you need.”

* Brad Fittler is a ResMed Sleep Ambassador who has recognised how much of a difference his health and wellbeing has improved since chatting to the experts about his sleep.


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