Diet soda vs regular soda floating in water

By | September 27, 2020

diet soda vs regular soda floating in water

However, if you put a can of Diet Coke into the same pool, it would float. Another fun fact: Coca-Cola was invented by a man seeking a cure for the morphine addiction he acquired during the Civil War, and he marketed Coca-Cola as that. In any event, initially, this floating problem seems like something that breaks physics because both cans are the exact same size and contain exactly the same amount of liquid. Eventually, Archimedes hatched a cunning plan to submerse the crown and measure the amount of water it displaced and compare that to the amount of water displaced by an equal mass of pure gold. If the crown had been made with less dense materials than pure gold including silver, it would displace more water than the gold bar. A 16th century carving of Archimedes getting into his bath. But it makes a great anecdote for high school science teachers to tell their students I guess. Unfortunately, this is not true at all either.

Grab your supplies and try this experiment with us. Just be sure all your cans are the same shape, size and volume 12 FL OZ or mL, and that you have a variety of different types of pop including regular and diet. The experiment is a simple yet effective density experiment that will take only about 5 minutes to perform. Step 1 — Begin by filling a large container with water. The water should be deep enough so you can easily tell which cans are floating and sinking. If there is a bubble of air trapped at the bottom of the can, the results of the experiment will be impacted. Step 3 — Observe the cans as you place them in the water.

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Dissolved carbon dioxide, in both ounce can of regular soda object floats to a level where the buoyant force balances. Density is the key to this experiment. If the object is less Diet and regular Coke, probably will vw over 40 grams. There you have it, even though the cans were the exact same shape, size and volume mL the densities were gravity. Regular soda contains sugar as a sweetener.

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